Lake Elsinore Pizza Options Just Got Better!

pizza restaurant near lake elsinore interior photo of pieology

Pieology Pizzeria Lake Elsinore Celebrates a Grand Re-Opening! The new operators of Pieology Lake Elsinore didn’t just open with the same old look and feel.  In fact, they gave the location a new custom mural complete with Lake Elsinore wording and some of Pieology’s favorite quote wall sayings.  Digital menu boards, a streamlined menu, and […]

Ohio’s First Pieology Opens in Findlay

Ordering Line of Findlay Pieology

Pieology Introduces Restaurant in Findlay, Ohio Jerrod and Amie Hartman are the owners of the Pieology in Findlay Ohio. Jerrod Hartman is bringing the leadership skills he developed as a U.S. Army Officer in opening Ohio’s first Pieology, in Findlay, with great custom-made pizzas focused on high-quality ingredients. His franchise group, Pizza Pie Investments, LLC, […]

Pieology Expands to Ohio

Putting Toppings on Pizzas

The Pieology Family has just welcomed a new franchise group that will begin opening a number of Pieology’s fast-casual dining locations in Ohio. The franchise group, Pizza Pie Investments