Vegan Custom Pizza

At Pieology, we make vegan pizza an experience!  We believe everyone should be able to create a pizza for their lifestyle.  Our plant-based pies are delicious and fully customizable.

Start with our Gluten-Free Crust. Add your favorite toppings including Daiya Cheese and plant-based meats.  Enjoy great pizza options with no animal products, delicious flavors, fresh toppings, and unlimited possibilities!

It all starts with the crust

gluten free pizza

Gluten-Free crust (10″)

A light, plant-based thin crust that’s full of taste and free of gluten.

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*Our Gluten-Free pizza crust is made off-site in a gluten-free kitchen, however, they are topped and cooked alongside all products in our kitchens. Pieology does not recommend our gluten-free pizzas for guests with celiac disease. Guests with gluten sensitivities should also exercise caution and judgment when ordering our gluten-free pizzas.

Vegan Pizza Ingredients

Savory Sauces


Daiya Mozzarella




Banana peppers

black olives

Fresh basil


grape tomatoes

green peppers




red onions

Roasted red peppers


Plant-Based Meats

“Beef” Meatballs (Vegan)

Spicy Italian “Sausage” Rounds (Vegan)

Spices and Afterbakes

Black Pepper

Crushed red pepper


sea salt

BBQ Afterbake

Fiery Buffalo

Limited Time Topping

French’s® Fried onions


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  Start with our Gluten-Free Crust, top it with your choice of sauce, Daiya cheese (or no cheese at all), veggies, and our plant-based meats to create your perfect pizza.  

If you’re lucky enough to live by a Pieology, you can stop by and make a pizza with exactly what you want on it.  Visit our website to order a vegan pizza online for takeout or get vegan pizza delivery from Pieology. Find your nearest Pieology location here.

Pieology’s original Gluten-Free Crust is also vegan. It is made with rice flour and is thin, light and crispy.  

You can enjoy your vegan-friendly meal with our house-made Red Sauce, BBQ Sauce, or Buffalo Sauce.  Try them as a pizza topping, afterbake, or dipping sauce!

Please see our nutritional page for further ingredient information.

Pieology uses Daiya deliciously dairy-free mozzarella cheese. All Daiya items are free of gluten, soy, and dairy, and they taste great!  

If you’re looking for sides to go with your vegan pizza, you can order a side salad with vegan cheese.  You can also order our ooey-gooey cheese bread with gluten-free crust and Daiya cheese.  

Yes!  Pieology offers a number of options for getting your vegan pie including delivery.  Simply place your order online, then select “delivery” to view the fees and timing. 

Even if delivery is not available, you can always order online and pickup in-store for carryout, or some stores even offer curbside delivery!  Find your nearest Pieology location here.

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