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You can’t go wrong when you order catered pizza to the party. Make it memorable with Pieology’s unique flavors and crusts.

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Pieology Boxed Lunches and Catering make the perfect meal for your office or event!

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From office lunches, to school events, to family get-togethers, we've got a menu that everyone loves.

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We offer shareable packages and individually boxed meals. Order catered pizza for your group's needs.

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Catering is available for groups of 10 or more. Less than 10? Please visit

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When sharing pizzas, we recommend ordering 2 pizzas for every 3-4 people. Our PieRise ® Thick Crust travels the best and is heartier too.

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Click to order catering and view the lead time and delivery fees at your local, independently owned Pieology.

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Our Catering Partner

Catering is made easy through our partnership with EZ Cater. Click the button below to go to our EZ Cater partner page.

Don’t see your store listed? Contact your location directly for catering information. Catering menu and participation varies by location.

"Please don't order pizza."...Said no one ever

Being in charge of the food can be overwhelming, but Pieology makes it easy to be a catering hero. We help you order exactly what everyone wants, whether individually boxed meals, or a mix of our signature pizzas for your group to share. With our craveable crusts and unique flavors, everyone will find something they enjoy. Dietary needs or allergies? We’ve got you covered on those too. We believe that every meal should be a memorable experience. We create thousands of personal pizza experiences in our restaurants every day, and we’d love to bring that to your table too. So, schedule your catering order today so you can get one more thing off your plate, and feel certain you’ve got a meal coming that will make them ask for more. *Need help or not seeing what you need on our catering site? Please contact your local Pieology manager for further options and details.

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