Gluten-Free Custom Pizza

Pieology is the perfect place to create your own gluten-free pizza. Choose from our delicious and traditional gluten-free crust or our gluten-free cauliflower crust. Add your favorite toppings and create a pizza that’s full of flavor, without any gluten!

It all starts with the crust

cauliflower crust

Cauliflower crust (10″)

A great way to eat your veggies every day. Not only is this unique, crispy crust loaded with fiber and vitamins, it also tastes absolutely delicious.

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Made with milk and eggs.

gluten free pizza

Gluten-Free crust (10″)

A light, plant-based thin crust that’s full of taste and free of gluten.

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*Our Gluten-Free pizza crust is made off-site in a gluten-free kitchen, however, they are topped and cooked alongside all products in our kitchens. Pieology does not recommend our gluten-free pizzas for guests with celiac disease. Guests with gluten sensitivities should also exercise caution and judgment when ordering our gluten-free pizzas.

Gluten-Free pizza ingredients

Savory Sauces






Daiya Mozzarella




Banana peppers

black olives

Fresh basil


grape tomatoes

green peppers




red onions

Roasted red peppers




All-Natural Chicken



spicy italian sausage

Spices and Afterbakes

Black Pepper

Crushed red pepper


sea salt

BBQ Afterbake

Fiery Buffalo
tree nut free pesto
Pesto Afterbake
Ranch Afterbake


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! At Pieology, you can order a gluten-free custom pizza. First, start with one of two gluten-free crusts.  Then, top it with your choice of sauce, cheeses, and toppings to create your perfect pizza.

Pieology offers two gluten-free crusts.  The first is our Gluten-Free Crust and the second is our Cauliflower Crust. The original gluten-free crust is also vegan. It is made with rice flour and is thin, light and crispy. Our Cauliflower Crust contains milk, eggs, and cheese and is lower-carb and also gluten-free. Both crusts offer a tasty gluten-free pizza that can be prepared exactly like you want to.

No, we do not make our gluten-free crusts in-house. In order to best meet our guests’ dietary needs and to ensure the crust is crafted without exposure to gluten, we trust a certified gluten-free kitchen to make both our Gluten-Free and Cauliflower Crusts. While we do our best to keep our gluten-free crusts free of gluten exposure in our kitchens, we do not recommend people with celiac disease eat our crusts as our kitchen does contain wheat and gluten and there is always potential for cross-contamination. Our Original Thin and Pie-Rise Thick crusts contain gluten and are made in-house daily.

Pieology has many gluten-free pizza options.  For instance, most of our pizza sauces, cheese, toppings, and meats are gluten-free. You can view our gluten-free ingredients on our Gluten-Free Custom Pizza page.

If you are avoiding gluten, there are a few things you will want to make sure you don’t add to your pizza.  The items you will want to avoid are our alfredo sauce, meatballs, plant-based proteins, and non-gluten-free crusts.

The best place to find all our ingredients is on our nutrition page .  Here, you can find full details on all menu items including the gluten-free crust ingredients.

If you are looking for gluten-free sides to go with your gluten-free pizza, Pieology offers some great options.  For instance, you can enjoy any of our salads without the croutons.  Also, our Ooey Gooey Garlic Cheese Bread on Gluten-Free Crust or Cauliflower Crust makes a tasty, gluten-free appetizer. In addition, some Pieology locations also carry chicken wings, fries or tater tots which can be gluten-free. Find a location and check their menu for all the pizza sides they offer.

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