BBQ Chicken Pizza

Olive Oil, Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, All-Natural Chicken, Red Onion, Cilantro, Finished with a BBQ Sauce afterbake

What’s not to love about our Fire-Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza? The flavor of the chicken pairs perfectly with the smoky taste of the barbecue sauce. The mozzarella and gorgonzola give it a delicious cheese boost. Whether you’re grabbing a pie for yourself or feeding a hungry crowd, this pizza is always a winner.

It all starts with the crust!

Order your pizza on any of our signature crusts
thin crust pizza with pesto
Original Thin crust (11″)

Light and Crisp, our Original Crust is made in house daily with our secret recipe and pressed thin to allow the pizza flavors to shine.

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pie rise thick crust pizza

Pierise® Thick crust (11″)

Made with an extra helping of our house-made, signature dough. Thick and fluffy with a crisp bottom and a great option for take-out or delivery.

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cauliflower crust

Cauliflower crust (10″)

A great way to eat your veggies every day. Not only is this unique, crispy crust loaded with fiber and vitamins, it also tastes absolutely delicious.

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Made with milk and eggs.

gluten free pizza

Gluten-Free crust (10″)

A light, plant-based thin crust that’s full of taste and free of gluten.

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*Our Gluten-Free pizza crust is made off-site in a gluten-free kitchen, however, they are topped and cooked alongside all products in our kitchens. Pieology does not recommend our gluten-free pizzas for guests with celiac disease. Guests with gluten sensitivities should also exercise caution and judgment when ordering our gluten-free pizzas.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Pieology, we start with our house-made crust and then top it with Olive Oil. Then, add Mozzarella and Gorgonzola Cheese, All-Natural Chicken, Red Onion, and Cilantro. The key to our BBQ Chicken Pizza is the BBQ Ssauce afterbake. We wait until the pizza comes out of the oven so the barbeque flavor shines.
Visit our nutrition page to create your Fire-Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza exactly like you want it. Choose from Original Thin Crust, PieRise Thick Crust, Cauliflower Crust or Gluten-Free Crust. There you can view calories, carbs, allergens, and all the nutrition facts for one slice, or the whole pie!
Yes, by choosing the Gluten-Free or Cauliflower Crust, your pizza will be free from gluten.
Visit our locations page to find your nearest Pieology where you can order the best BBQ Chicken Pizza. Get your pizza delivered, or enjoy it in one of our pizzerias.
This legendary creation now on pizza restaurants across the globe was invented by the acclaimed pizza chef, Ed LaDou. Ed LaDou used to work for Wolfgang Puck at his Spago restaurant in Los Angeles. He debuted the pizza on the menu at California Pizza Kitchen. This was just one of many pizzas he made using unique and fun ingredients.  Ed inspired pizza makers around the world to step out of the box and go beyond pepperoni.
At Pieology, we let our guests be creative and make unique pizzas every day. BBQ Sauce is just the beginning! Use any of our 40+ sauces, toppings, and afterbakes to create a pizza as unique as you are!
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