Our Original Thin Crust is the perfect way to enjoy a light and crispy pizza. We make our dough fresh in-house daily. Our secret recipe is slow proofed and pressed thin to allow the flavors of the pizza to shine. Try our delicious thin crust pizza today at Pieology.

"Perfectly thin, amazingly delicious!"

“Met a colleague & we shared both a Veggie Pesto and a Classic Margherita. Both were excellent! Thin crust, great sauce, tasty toppings!” – Jack B.

Our House-Made Dough and Red Sauce

We make the dough for our Original Thin and PieRise™ Thick pizzas freshly in-house. Using our proprietary recipe, made with simple ingredients and a slow proofing process. Then, we hot press it when you order it for the perfect taste and consistency. Top your favorite crust with our house-made red sauce, and then decide how you want it topped. We offer plenty of choices so that every customer can find their perfect pizza!

Frequently Asked Questions

At Pieology, we slow proof our dough and then use a hot dough press to press it thin, allowing the crust to get as crispy as possible when fired in our oven. This means that when you put your choice of toppings on your custom pizza, our pizza crust can handle it!

Yes, we make our dough from scratch every day with the same recipe we’ve used since we opened our doors! You can order it in the Original Thin Crust, or with PieRise™ Thick Crust.

Visit our locations page to find your nearest Pieology where you can order the best thin crust pizza with exactly what you want on it. Get your pizza delivered, or enjoy it in one of our pizzerias.

Since we make our pizzas from scratch, they can vary a little in size, but in general our thin and thick Crust Pizzas are around 11” and meant to be enjoyed as an individual pizza with exactly what you want on it.

While our dough ingredients and cooking style is very similar to many found in New York pizzerias, the classic stamp of a New York Pizza is its size. Much larger slices make folding a must on a true New York Pie. Also, most New York Pizzas offer limited topping options. At Pieology, you can put exactly what you want on your pizza.

So, rather than finding New York pizza near your, order Pieology, so you can enjoy an awesome thin crust, but still pick up your pizza with one hand and eat it without making a scene. Learn more about New York Pizza or place your order for thin crust pizza at Pieology .

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