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Craving a pizza that’s loaded with all your favorite toppings? Pieology’s PieRise™ Thick Crust is the perfect way to satisfy your hunger. We make our dough fresh in-house each day, and it’s slow proofed, pressed thick, and baked hot so you get a crispy bottom and soft center. Plus, our thick crust pizzas travel well for delivery or carryout. Stop by today and dig into a delicious PieRise pizza!

"Thanks for the great chow, Pieology!"

“I opted for the “PieRise” thick crust, as it gives a soft yet crunchy bed for the sauce and toppings to come. They put a swipe of olive oil around the edges of the crust, which helps it crisp up in a way like no other. It took a couple extra minutes to get that thick crust cooked all the way through, but a few scrolls on Twitter passed the time. Before I knew it, my pizza was piping hot and in a great recycled box, and it was mighty tasty.” 

– Sidney Z

Our House-Made Dough and Red Sauce

We make the dough for our Original Thin and PieRise Thick pizzas freshly in-house. Using our proprietary recipe, made with simple ingredients and a slow proofing process. Then, we hot press it when you order it for the perfect taste and consistency. Top your favorite crust with our house-made red sauce, and then decide how you want it topped. We offer plenty of choices so that every customer can find their perfect pizza!

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to pizza, you can’t go wrong with a Pieology! We offer both thin and thick crusts that are made fresh daily in house. The light crispy dough will let your favorite flavors shine through while still being hearty enough for many toppings. The PieRise Crust is perfect for delivery!  It is hearty enough for your most complicated pizza creation.

No one knows who makes the thickest pizza crust, but you can always trust Betty Crocker, and here’s a way to make hers at home. If you’re looking to order pizza at a pizzeria, we are sure you’ll love our PieRise Thick Crust. Made with our secret dough blend, our crust is delicious and stands out as a winner among other pizza places. At Pieology, you get to create a pizza with exactly what you want on it. For those who like a lot of toppings, PieRise is the best!

Visit our locations page to see where you can order a pizza with exactly what you want on it. You might be surprised by how close we are! Get your thick crust pie delivered or enjoy it at one of our independently owned pizzerias. There’s no wrong way when ordering from us. Pieology has the ingredients for all diets and lifestyles available (including vegan and gluten-free options).

Because we make our pizzas from scratch, they can vary a little in size, but in general our thin and thick Crust Pizzas are around 11” and meant to be enjoyed as an individual pizza with exactly what you want on it. With the thicker crust, our PieRise pizzas can easily be shared. Order one with a salad, dessert pizza, or David’s cookies to round out a perfect meal!

We’re not trying to step on any toes from Chicago or Detroit, but we believe our PieRise™ Crust is considered the deep dish pizza of West Coast. This original coming out of California- land rich with tacos, burritos galore, and much more–has you covered for all those dreamy pizzas full of perfectly strange topping combinations with plenty of crust to hold it up. Weird is the new normal when it comes to pizza, so create your pizza masterpiece today!

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